Spacemakers is a STRP Education program. Spacemakers challenges students to think and to rise above their expectations. These students work together in Eindhoven with an artist, and together they create an artistic project.

Students from secondary education, mbo, and hbo can participate. For some months, they are STRP creators, organizers, programmers, and producers. The artist inspires the group and chooses with them what they are going to do within STRP's year theme. Together they work towards an art project in which an audience is involved in their thoughts and ideas around the theme, for example with an art installation, film screening, or workshop.


Spacemakers Hangout

7 Apr – 10 Apr

Imke Sloos

Imke Sloos is an energetic social designer from Eindhoven, graduated from the Design Academy. Driven by outspoken ideas, dreams and stories, she often works as a mediator between people or groups to improve situations.

From October 2021 to February 2022, participants from SintLucas, Fontys Hogescholen, AKV|St.Joost, Summa College and Graphic Lyceum Utrecht work together with artist and social designer Imke Sloos from their own project space in Eindhoven. The Spacemakers Hangout is the meeting place and available every day to work, think, and organize! During STRP Festival, the Spacemakers Hangout temporarily moves to a downtown festival location. This is the perfect opportunity for participants to show their project to STRP Festival attendees!


Theme Spacemakers II

13 Oct 2021

Report: Spacemakers Knowledge Meeting

4 Jun 2021

Theme Spacemakers I

24 Feb 2021

Join Spacemakers!

Become a team with other students and artist Imke Sloos and brainstorm, experiment and create your own project.

Starting in February 2022, a new group of Spacemakers will start working with HyperCulture. These two artists work in the fields of design, branding, animation, motion graphics, film and visuals arts.

Spacemakers is supported by Fonds 21 and the Cultural Participation Fund