Spacemakers is a STRP Education programme. Spacemakers challenges students to think and to rise above their expectations. These students work together in Eindhoven with an artist, and together they create an artistic project.

Spacemakers focusses on youngsters from 16 to 25 years old. For some months, they are STRP creators, organisers, programmers, and producers. The artist inspires the group and chooses with them what they are going to do within STRP's year theme. Together they work towards an art project in which an audience is involved in their thoughts and ideas around the theme, for example with an art installation, film screening, or workshop.

Spacemakers x Absent Chronicles

The new group Spacemakers x Absent Chronicles has started!

The Art of Listening

In recent decades we have rapidly replaced natural sounds and supplemented them with sounds that have a function for us. Our perception of the world is subconsciously filled with artificial sound. Artificial sounds are designed for commercial interest, such as beeps at the self-scan checkout or the coffee machine, we develop new instincts. These sounds are useful; they confirm to us that something works and can influence our behaviour. What if we delete all these sounds and rebuild them from silence? Can we shape a future in which we approach sound in a playful way, without commercial interest? What sounds would you use? How do we experience the world then?


Absent Chronicles

Danny de Vlugt produces electronic music under the name Absent Chronicles and performs with it at home and abroad. For example, he recently performed in the Melkweg during Amsterdam Dance Event and signed a worldwide publishing deal, which means that he now also writes and produces for other international artists in addition to his own project.

 That's not all! Danny designs and creates audiovisual works and installations. Social issues and interaction are central to this. For example, he recently exhibited the installation “Thicker Than Water” at the Van Gogh Museum, which explored the balance between nature and technology and how we humans relate to this. Danny's work always has a theme, but the starting point is always that the visitor interacts with the work and, based on this, determines for himself what the work means to this person.


Night of the Nerds

7 Jun

Expo Spacemakers: The Sound of Change

16 Jun – 18 Jun


Mediating Media Arts

31 May 2023

Questions from the future

14 Apr 2023

Futures Literacy

1 Feb 2023

STRP in Kunstzone #06

10 Nov 2022

Spacemakers is supported by Fonds 21 and the Cultural Participation Fund