STRP Education

With STRP's education programmes, young people explore the creative possibilities of technology, reflect on technological developments and discover how technology can help with the big questions and challenges of our time.


Spacemakers is a STRP Education programme. Spacemakers challenges students to think and to rise above their expectations. These students work together in Eindhoven with an artist, and together they create an artistic project.

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Apply for Spacemakers x Absent Chronicles

30 Nov – 17 Feb

Expo Spacemakers: What a time to be Alive

10 Feb – 12 Feb

Tours and workshops STRP Festival 2023

12 Apr – 14 Apr

Spacemakers x TWIST education meet-up

   Meet up
14 Apr

Programmes for Secondary and Vocational Education and Bachelors

STRP Education organises tours, workshops, projects and meetings for pupils, students and educators. We do this during our events such as STRP Festival, and also on location such as at your school or event.

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