Tours and workshops STRP Festival 2023

Expo 12 Apr – 14 Apr

From 12 to 14 April, we will dive deeper into the theme 'The Art of Listening' with students. In our society, we prefer seeing to hearing and speaking to listening. Social media serve as a megaphone for the masses; anyone can voice their opinion anytime. With a new edition of the STRP Festival in the centre of Eindhoven, we question who is still listening.

We will investigate how we can revalue and reclaim the art of listening. We listen to nature, to each other, to the silence and to voices that need to be heard. We listen to distinctive voices and small stories, wonder how digital technologies support and hinder listening, and experiment with new forms of dialogue.

Are you curious which artists are part of 'The Art of Listening'? You can read more about the three ACT Award winners via the link. And in the coming months, we will be announcing more and more about which artworks you can expect in the exhibition. Keep an eye on our website, social media and newsletters!   

Secondary and vocational schools can combine a tour with a workshop. The Listen Up! workshop is an experimental game developed by the artist collective Katpatat. A game that sharpens our thinking and acting about listening, communicating and cooperating! Which team is best at listening to words, body language and sounds? And can other participants 'listening in' also earn points using their ears and eyes?

The Connect & Reflect workshop questions whether you let (social) media and algorithms shape your opinions. Through a life-size and physical board game, you will engage in conversations about societal themes such as social media, climate change, equality, etc. Confess your colour by connecting to one of the social media profiles in the game, but also make sure that other opinions are allowed and respected. Can you break through the bubble of an algorithm?


Practical info

All grades and levels of secondary, vocational and bachelor education and educator teams
Suited for
Nature & Technology, Culture & Society, Technology, Visual subjects, CKV, Art, Philosophy, creative studies, culture-, ICT-, Technology and behaviour/society courses
Date and time
12 - 14 April 2023, 09.00-16.00
Multiple locations in the city center of Eindhoven
Tour (70 minutes): €8,50 per participant. Tour + workshop (2x 70 minutes): €16,50 per participant. Teachers and supervisors join free of charge. Payment by invoice or CJP.
Extra information
Do you still have a (CJP) budget to spend in 2022? STRP can invoice the cost of participation in STRP Festival 2023 this year or create a CJP web order!